Friday, July 1, 2011

Lupe Tortilla Shepherd

I apologize, I wasn't in the mood to take photos, so these are really bad.  Lupe Tortillas Shepherd location, finally I'm here.  I'm always a little embarassed when it takes me so long to hit up a restaurant in my neighborhood like LT Shepherd.  Though, I've been to LT before, I hadn't been to this location.  It's very festive, cozy, very consistent look to the Kirby location.  Although I liked LT, I always thought the Kirby or I-10 locations were a bit out of the way for me, a Height's resident.  Now, that there's one closer, it very well may be El Tiempo's competitor for beef fajitas. 

I'm always surprised at how tasty the beef fajitas are.  Juicy, tangy, so good!  Chips and salsa are ok.  They did have a Skinny Margarita and you know how much I love Bethenny Frankel and wanted to try a skinny margarita.  I never realized margaritas were so high in calories.  The Skinny Margarita is only 170 calories at LT.  Tony was having a regular margarita on the rocks, I ordered the Skinny Margarita and couldn't finish it, Tony took over, finished it and his next order was a Skinny Margarita!  If that tells you anything.  All in all, it can be summed  up with these...very articulate words..."ES PREETY GOOOOD!"

Ok, watching a movie now, so gotta go!

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