Friday, July 22, 2011

Kobecue (Richmond/Weslayan)

Finally stopped by, I've been meaning to for some time.  They've only been open a few months.  I got lucky with parking this time, but I've always been kind of ugh about the parking here.  A packed shopping center is always a good sign!  It's a pretty simple design, fast food rice bowls, is what I heard before visiting today.  I like it so far, it's simple, says fusion taco and my experience with fusion tacos has been good so far.  They have short rib plates, bibeem beef burger, beef tacos, oh my!  I'm a little overwhelmmed since I love all these things at a full service Korean restaurant.  I decide to have them order for me, which I find is always the best way to go.

David, owner, recommends the Kimchi Cheese Fries add Beef.  I'm thinking...uhh...that doesn't sound good at all, but ok, whatever.  I also get the Bibeem Beef Burger and a Beef Taco.  I take a bite into the burger, I think it's good, but after trying the Kimchi Cheese Fries (WOW, soooo good), I think the burger needs some Kimchi too!  They have Korean BBQ sauce, so you can add, if needed.  Prices are really good at $6-$6.75 for burgers and bowls and $10 for plates.  If you like charbroiled beef, Korean, cheap, fast, then I'm sure you'd like Kobecue.  Honestly, I wouldn't think to order food with Kimchi in it, even though I am Korean.  I'm not a huge Kimchi fan, ordinarily.  But, next time I'm just going straight for anything with Kimchi it, based on my visit today, yum yum!

3957 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX 77027

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