Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Restaurant Week #2 – III Forks (Downtown)

III Forks is new and gets good reviews, so this was definitely on my to do list.  I decided to go during Restaurant week, the day I was going, a friend said her experience was horrible.  I decided to go anyways, had to see for myself.  There used to be this restaurant downtown, I think the design was a fork or something, so I kept thinking of that restaurant when thinking of III Forks, not a good association to have.   When I got there, I realized this is definitely not that same place, much nicer.

I really had no idea what to expect, but that it's a steakhouse.  I walk in, immediately I like the design.  Very masculine, woody, dark, rich colors, but clean.  I liked the bathrooms, it was like a traditional kind of rich.  Gold sinks and marble tile.

Right as you walk in to the restaurant, you see this hallway made of glass wine encasings.  Very clean, liked it a lot.

Our choices for restaurant week, I got the III Forks salad, Chateaubriand, and Mixed Berries.  By the way, you can't say "Chateaubriand" without making a silly face.  Try it..."chateaubriaannnd", did your pump your eyebrows?  :)

If there had been a description of the III Forks salad, I would not have ordered it.  It's topped with Blue Cheese and that is the one cheese I do not like.  It comes out, I scrape it off the top...oh my Lord, this salad was out of this world.  I mean it's salad, how can salad be so amazing?  This was amazing!  It was the "Walnut Molasses Pecan Vinaigrette"...mm mm mm.

Chateaubriand.  "With Bordelaise Sauce, a Red Wine and Shallot Reduction".  This was actually pretty good, but after about 4 bites it's starts to diminsh on its return.  Now the creamed corn, oh my goodness...that was just pure deliciousness.  So tasty and crunchy even in it's creaminess.  Mash Potatoes were just mash potatoes, but good.

We shared the desserts.  Chocolate Ganache Cake (A Moist Six-Layer Traditional Chocolate Cake with Rich Ganache Icing, Garnished with Chocolate Shavings and Strawberries).  This was ok, in my opinion, but it looks good in this picture doesn't it?  I thought the cake had an odd texture.  It just wasn't...rich and divine like chocolate cake should be.

Texas Pecan Cake (A Six-Layer White Cake with Shredded Sugared Pecans and Homemade Whipped Cream Frosting, Garnished with Chopped Sugared Pecans and Caramel Sauce).  It looks like a hummingbird cake, but it was just ok too.

Mixed Berries (A Collection of Fresh Strawberries, Blueberries, and Raspberries Finished with Raspberry Sauce and Mint Sprig).  Not a great presentation, but this, I think I liked the best.  How can you go wrong with berries and whip cream?

I should have taken a photo of our waitress, she was wearing this little black hoochie-mama outfit.  Apparently, it was the uniform for the female servers.  Now that I think about it, I don't think I saw any male servers.  We were wondering why that was the case, so we decided, steakhouse, downtown, male dominated...ok, we get the hoochie-mama uniforms.  Our service was nothing spectacular, nothing horrible.  Just good ol service.  My experience was pretty good from atmosphere to food and service, I would defnitely recommend III Forks.  You have until August 21 for the Restaurant Week Menu.

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