Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Restaurant Week #4 – RDG + Bar Annie

This restaurant now, RDG + Bar Annie, formerly Cafe Annie revamped and on steriods.  RDG are the initials of the executive chef, "Robert Del Grande".  My last hit on restaurant week.  I attempted going on a sunday with a girlfriend, turns out they close at 8pm.  As a matter of fact, most restaurants on restaurant week close early, never knew it.  My second attempt, made with reservations, landed us here on Friday with a group of friends, ready to enjoy this extravagantly stylish restaurant.  I love absolutely loved the interior design, stylish and trendy, impressive.

We order the Faust red wine, very good and only $115 a bottle.  We shared that amongst 5 people, not bad!  I got the Summer Black Berry Salad with Greens and Smoked Cheddar Dressing.  This salad was very good and it had blue cheese, I didn't notice and I hate blue cheese. 

I always find it odd when fine dining restaurants serve skirt steak, but this is what I got.  Wood Grilled Skirt Steak With Tomato Sofrito & Herb Olive Oil / Giant Corona Beans.  I was actually considering the Sweet Potato Enchiladas, but our server recommended the skirt steak.  It was good actually, very good.  But, I had a few bites as I was already getting full, given I had 2 pieces of bread.  Bread was good, couldn't resist.

I got the Chocolate and Coffee Ice Cream Sandwich with Hot Fudge Sauce, which I thought was good, the chocolate cookie was delicious...but I was so full, I about exploded...then I had some...

Raspberry Mousse with Cocoa Almond Meringue Cookie.  The raspberry mousse was so good.  The cookie was bland.

jennifer, denyse, soo

soo and oscar

soo, donny, and denyse

denyse and soo

We also had 2 other folks with us and we all very much liked our experience.  Definitely recommend, but beware, there are some really bad reviews out there.  Also, I lied, Restaurant Week goes on till September 1st.  Enjoy!

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