Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sylvia’s Kitchen (Woodway)

On my way to Sylvia's Kitchen, I run into a former coworker and he tells me he doesn't like Sylvia's Kitchen because they try to be upscale Mexican.  I can understand not liking the idea of that.  I always think it's weird when Vietnamese restaurants try to go upscale...well that's the whole point of Vietnamese food, it's cheap and good. 

I meet my two girlfriends, Jennifer Griffin-Kim and Sonya, and we sit and they bring out the chips and warm salsa.  The chips are thick and tasty.  The salsa is pretty watery, not a lot of substance and is warm.  I don't know if I was just hungry or what, but I liked the combination of it.  I do notice the order of 2 enchiladas run about $10-14, which I think is fairly normal for dinner.  Maybe not at a taqueria, but definitely any restaurant, chuy's, cyclone anayas, etc.  I order the Mexico City, which is chicken enchiladas with a tomatillo sauce.   The chicken was a little spicy, I thought my order was good.  I'd probably eat there again.  Jennifer and Sonya had the spinach enchiladas and they said it was good, but I didn't like it.  It was pretty slow inside, so the atmosphere was nice for us three to catch up and chat.   I had a pretty good experience, especially since I purchased a coupon valued at $40 for $20, so good food, great company, good experience.

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