Monday, November 14, 2011

SF Day 10 - Last Day!

Last day in SF. Lots of fun things. Started my day reluctant to run, a little boost from Stu and off I went to run down Post to Union Square and down Market. Took this photo of City Hall on my run back, beautiful isn't it? I have a crazy story, keep reading, it'll be my last paragraph...which will explain Halbert's scared face.

We brunched at Mission Beach Cafe, which had a long line, as usual, but it went fast and we were sat within 30 minutes. Food was excellent, very tasty. I got the recommended Mushrooms & Spinach Eggs Benedict, Denyse and Halbert got the Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict and we all shared the French Toast. I liked the atmosphere here the most.  Go check it out if you get a chance.

We finished at Pier 39. So much fun! Love the energy there. I guess it's basically a farmer's market around the entire pier. Fun shops, mostly food related, and a ton of people, no joke...a ton. I was told by Shawn Russell, an agent in Houston, that I must try the sourdough and that SF is known for it.  Apparently, SF is the only legitimate place that grows sourdough due to cool weather and that sourdough in Texas is just "wanna be sourdough". So, of course I had to try it.  I got me a small loaf from Acme Bread in the Ferry Building just before leaving SF and it came in handy on my 8 hour flight back. I must say, with butter, it was delicious! However, I'm not sure I would have noticed the difference whether in SF or Houston. Maybe I need to try the stuff in Sausalito, where it originates.

Finally back in Houston and so glad to be home. Ten days is way too long of a trip. Ok, so ready for that story I promised? So...I was running down one of the busiest streets, Market, and was running closest to side of the retail shops.  At this particular moment, I happen to be looking at a store window while running by, and do notice random people on the street, saw a homeless woman far away, maybe 20 feet. After looking at the store window and then looking back towards the sidewalk again, that same homeless woman is running towards me, now about 5 feet away, flailing her arms and yelling something crazy like watch where you're going.  She had crazy in her eyes.  Her eyes had very dark, looked almost like bruising under her eyes.   I was completely caught off guard and react like I'm about to get into a car collision...I stretch my arms forward and do this slow, oh crap, I'm about to get into a collision, ugly face...matched with this really ugly noise, that I didn't know I was capable of. As she runs into me, I end up pushing her on her chest and actually end up grabbing her chest, totally unintentional. She didn't do anything else but act like a crazy lune, as I ran around her and ran off.   When I got to the corner of the street, I looked back to make sure she wasn't following me and I was standing there, shaking.   Besides the fact that that was the oddest thing I've experienced in my life, I kept thinking about it and found myself really embarrassed at how very retarded my reaction was pretty unattractive...if I replayed it for you, you'd agree. So for the rest of the day, we were all imitating my reaction right before the homeless lady and I collided, which is what Halbert is doing with his face.  No joke, that's exactly what I looked like as she was running towards me, it was pretty sexy.

I had a great time in SF, very cold, but it's an awesome walking city.  I loved that you can walk around for hours.  It'd be a great way to spend with a date, friends, or by yourself.  Thanks to Halbert andy my sister in San Jose for being great hosts!

My SF recommendations:

My San Jose recommendations:
  • SJ Omagari Korean Restaurant - cheese bi beem bahp (stone pot), dwen jang soup
  • Milan Cafe for Shaved Ice
  • She She Boutique
  • Bella Rossa Boutique

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