Saturday, November 5, 2011

SF Day 3 - Brunch & D-Day!

The highlight of the day was definitely brunch.  We did our research on Yelp and decided on Dotties instead of Mama's to miss the long lines, but we found ourselves standing in line for at least an hour, in the chilly.  I did notice people's tolerance to the chilly weather by their choice of clothing.  You look at the photo and you may think it's not that cold, but some are wearing jackets, thick sweathers, multiple layers, and then you see this girl just in front of me wearing a t-shirt and a long sleeve underneath.  Another girl further up wearing just a regular blouse.  I can take cold, but even I was cold!

The wait was worth it.  The food was yummy.  The french toast was good because it had so much texture and was really thick.  The pancake is probably not as amazing as one may think by reading "world famous pancakes", but they were good.  The cornbread jalapeno bread looked really good was yummy, probably my favorite.  We also got the Lamb, goat cheese omelet, which was Halbert's favorite.  It's a small space, but it's cozy.  It's a very eccletic crowd, something you might find in Austin and we also notice the crowd is young.  The average age looked about 27-32.  I make note of it and Halbert says the whole city is young.  Most of the older folk move out of the city.  I do notice everywhere I go, I see mostly young folk.

Also did, 1/2 Marathon Expo, Kara's Cupcakes, Cheengoo Dog Boutique.

I was telling Halbert, I feel really apprehensive about my race tomorrow.  It feels really uncomfortable thinking about doing this 1/2M alone, getting to the right place and on time.  Not really knowing what to expect, in a city I'm unfamiliar with, doing something that's not going to be easy, including hills I'm not prepared for and it's supposed to rain tomorrow.  Did I mention it's already pretty cold here?  But...the good thing is, I'll tackle all these things, one by one and it'll feel great after I cross that finish line and all be worth it.  Ok, wish me luck!


  1. I don't know why Dottie's has such long lines...I didn't like the way the food looked...maybe it's the value ppl come for? Or maybe it's popular b/c it's on a popular street or something. Did u like Kara's cupcakes? Too bad they don't have red velvet, but they use natural ingredients. That's a nice pic of u at Kara's.

  2. I think Dottie's tries to focus on more of a traditional vibe, look and taste of food. Although, the food is a notch above traditional brunch, I think.