Monday, November 7, 2011

SF Day 5

I set up shop at Cafe Jane today. The decor and atmosphere is really nice and the cappuccino was really good, tasty and not too strong, delicious.  This little boy comes up to the guy at the counter and says, "I have $3, what can I afford?".  Is that cute or what?  The counter guys says, "you can have anything for $3".  Little boy picks a muffin and as he's walking away drops it, so cute and too too funny.  Of course counter guys replaces it and gives him a new one. 

I found some gourmet popcorn finally, The Kettle Pop/Gold Rush Popcorn at a farmers market.  I'm sitting in the car, waiting for Halbert to run a quick errand and a homeless guy walks up to my window and asks if I have a light.  I tell him no.  He asks if I have some change, I say no.  He looks at the popcorn, asks if he can have some, I take a moment to think about it and hand it to him.  I see him walking down the corner, digging into it, throwing some out on the street and then chunk it in the trash.  How ungrateful, what a waste, I would've eaten that homeless guy.

How has it already been 5 days?

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