Wednesday, November 9, 2011

San Jose - Day 6 & 7

Rode the Caltrain in and had a great time in San Jose with sister and her baby Yoki...eating till my stomach hurt at Omagari Korean Restaurant Cheese and Vegetable stone pot, Kimchi Pancake, Dwen Jang Soup, Strawberry and Banana Shaved Ice, Brunch at Los Gatos Cafe, Southern Kitchen, and lots of sweets at random bakeries.  There is great shopping in Los Gatos, specifically at She She and Bella Rosa Boutique.  The weather warmer, much slower than SF, and has a similar Heights/Garden Oaks neighborhood feel, as in Houston.  Pictured here warming up, shivering Yoki.  I had a great time in San Jose, very fulfilling.

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