Saturday, November 12, 2011

SF Day 9 - Rain, Pho & Burmese Food

A fantastic breakfast at The Grove.  The french toast was excellent, seriously good to the last bite!  Drizzing rain all day, but we purchased umbrellas for $8 each (best thing we purchased all day!) and we walked all the way to Ghirardelli's Square, then hopped over to Fisherman's Wharf, and then waited in a long line for an hour in the cold for the cable car.  We ended up in Union Square, shoped in Chinatown, had pho at Golden Star, where we're not sure if we were just really hungry or if the pho was really that good.  It really hit the spot on this cold and rainy day.  They did have a ton of Yelp reviews, in the thousands.

Dinner later at Mandalay Burmese & Mandarin Cuisine where they had the Tea Leaf Salad (excellent), Mandalay Beef (yummny), Roasted Tea Duck (really good, moist), Coconut Rice, Mandalay Ginger Lemonade (good, but sweet), Coconut juice (very good for you and refreshing), and for dessert Pauldon something, good and tasted like a Vietnamese 3 bean dessert.  What a full day!  Going home tomorrow and really looking back to getting back to Houston!

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  1. I kept wanting Eggs Benedict and u never wanted it and here u are having some? French toast looks kinda burnt.

    Was going to take u to Mandalay but didn't think u would like it cause it's a hole in the wall restaurant. It's the first time I had tried Burmese food, pretty good, reminds me of Chinese/Thai food.