Friday, November 4, 2011

SF Day 2 - Deadly Hills & Organic Grass-Fed Meat!

Omg! I about died on these hills. They are so steep, I thought I was going to slip and fall, when I was going down them.  Anyways...hills, check!  I think I'm ready for my 1/2 Marathon, November 6th across the Golden Gate Bridge...funnnn, I'm excited!

It's a half vacation...yes, I am working on vacation!  Here with Halbert, he's supposed to be looking for a new internal project, but really, he's looking at French Bull Dogs and cooing at them, haha.  The weather is beautiful, but a tad chilly at 52's amazing here!

While I was shopping at H&M in Union Square, Halbert says he went to all these shops, while I was still at H&M, haha.  He brought me back a very tasty cream puff from Beard Papa, that was so nice of him.  He says it very popular at the moment around here and it was soooo good!  I asked if it was healthy ;)  he said yes, it actually makes you loose's all in the cream filling ;)

For dinner, we went to Super Duper, where everything is organic.  One of our many discussions or debates we have about random subjects, this about the difference between organic meat vs. grass-fed or free-range.  He was saying that organic poultry and meats are different from grass-fed, I thought they were one in the same, but we researched it and he was right.  If you're into that kind of thing, you should look up certified organic, grass-fed, free-range, all together.

We also debated the term "couple" when you use it in terms of referring to a number, for instance how many more minutes, people, days, etc.

One of the things I've been fascinated about is how the weather here is just so consistently cold all throughout the year.  There's just something really strange about not having changing seasons, like it's a controlled environment, a bubble city or something.  By the evening, everyone is wearing their jackets and winter wear and this happens every night of the year, I hear, minus those few odd days when it is a little warmer.  So, I also notice the ladies are wearing their boots.  In Houston, when it gets cold, the ladies come out with their boots.  Does that mean, in SF, they can wear their boots all throughout the year?  These are important questions!

I also think it’s really interesting how people here live so coldly…temperature-wise.  They leave the windows open and after a day out in the chilly, I want to come home to a warm house, but no, it’s cold in the house too.  Apparently, they don’t have utility bills either and most of the houses here don’t have AC.  We, Houstonians, would die without AC.  Although, I dislike Houston's hot and humid weather for several months out of the year, I do like the changing seasons and appreciate that I can wear shorts and summer wear out the whole day for a season for time.  Such different cultures, but I love it!

One other thing I wanted to make note urban Houston, you may wake to the sound of a passing train, or the one that occasionally goofs and blows their horn in a residential area.  But, here in SF, I hear the sound of horns playing music from afar, seagulls, trains, and passing different...

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